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Quality Real Estate Floor Plans:

Welcome to Making Plans. We draw Quality Real Estate Floor Plans and Lease Plans for the UK Market

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2007/10/15 Making Plans now offers surveying packages in the Yorkshire region. This includes Floorplans, Photography, Brochures and Virtual Tours. Contact Us for prices and information.

Do you want to get on to be selling your property. Or be stuck at your computer drawing floor plans all day? I know what I'd choose!! Get the experts at Making Plans to draw your plans. While you get on with what you do best. Sell Properties.
Here are just some of the reasons to use Making Plans services:

* SIMPLICITY - Just fax us the sketch, we'll email you the plan. Nothing
could be easier.
* SEND and FORGET - since we draw the plan for you. You can get on to
more import things, like selling your properties.
* MAKES SENSE - You pay US to draw the plan. How crazy would it be to
charge you to draw your own plan? But some services do.
Floor Plan in Corporate Colours No.1
 And more ...
* INTEGRATION - We've been drawing plans for over a decade now. We can make your
plans work for you. Where ever you want.
* FLEXIBILITY With Making Plans floor plans, you can have any colour,
style, layout, size, logo, watermark and file type. Just what you've
always wanted.
* VERSATILITY You can do anything you want with your plans. And we're
here to help you.
* PERSONAL - talk to our friendly floor planners here in the UK. We can
make your floor plans work for you.

Call us on 011 33 22 9204 or Email us now for a great quote.

All the best brands have great logos... 

Making Plans can now provide floor plans with your company logo, corporate ID or any other image behind...

Our philosophy is to ensure that each client receives the highest quality of service.

All our staff are trained in the very latest technology, ensuring that you can relax completely knowing that we can fully accommodate your business needs.
Here are some of the services we currently offer.

  • Floor Plans for residential properties
  • Floor Plans for commercial properties
  • Lease Plans
  • Architectural redraws
  • Site plans

    Making Plans offer a complete solution to your business needs
    Contact us today on 011 33 22 9204.