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How to crop your floorplan

This guide is for users of Windows 98. However, the same principles apply regardless of what operating system, e.g. Windows 95, 2000… or even Mac OS you may be using.

All screenshots taken on a Mac running Win 98.

Step 1: First click in the middle of the plan and selection box will appear around plan

If the Picture toolbar is not present then from the View dropdown menu select Toolbars and the Picture.

Step 2: Select the Crop tool from the Picture toolbar.

Step 4: Shown below is the plan after selecting the Crop tool. Notice that the cursor now looks like two snakes mating

Step 5: place the crop cursor over one of the little black squares and it will change to a T shape. Holding down the left mouse key drag the cursor until you have cropped as you want. If you get it wrong just press Control + Z and this will undo your last action (usually!).

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